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TAFE SA Program Endorsed for Naval Shipbuilding

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said it’s an exciting time in the defence industry.


“Around 5,000 jobs will be created to implement the Commonwealth’s continuous shipbuilding program, centred here in South Australia,” Premier Marshall said.


“A diversity of career pathways will be available across the build, supply chain and sustainment process, providing meaningful employment opportunities for generations.


“I commend TAFE SA for working collaboratively with the College to ensure that it is directly involved in ramping up our skilled and sovereign workforce.”


Minister for Education John Gardner MP said TAFE SA will now offer an enhanced welding course at its state-of-the-art Regency Campus facility.


“Welding was identified as a critical requirement for future shipbuilding needs due to the long lead time required to train employees and ensure they are job ready,” Mr Gardner said.


The Commonwealth established the Naval Shipbuilding College to secure a sovereign workforce to implement its $90 billion continuous shipbuilding program.


Naval Shipbuilding College Skilling Services Manager Mark Scott said it will continue to work closely with each sector to complete a needs analysis, to help align training and education programs with the cutting edge needs of future shipbuilding.


“Endorsement is a vital first step in ensuring quality assurance and consistency in delivery across training and education providers,” Mr Scott said.


“The endorsement framework stipulates ongoing monitoring and evaluation of associated programs with our training providers and partners to meet the needs of industry.”


TAFE SA interim Chief Executive, Alex Reid, said that TAFE SA is ready to play its part to ensure a skilled workforce is available to meet the increase in demand.


“We’re proud to offer the first endorsed naval shipbuilding training program,” Ms Reid said.


“We will continue to work hard to align programs with the shipbuilding needs of Australia’s defence industry, which also increases the employability of our graduates.”


The Naval Shipbuilding College has established a Workforce Register for potential candidates interested in being involved in Australia’s revitalised shipbuilding industry.


For more information visit www.navalshipbuildingcollege.com.au

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