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New webinar series helping people become ‘job-ready’ for naval shipbuilding careers
30 June 2020

The Naval Shipbuilding College has launched a series of regular webinars to introduce job seekers, students, parents, teachers and small to medium enterprises to the world of naval shipbuilding and provide insight into the broad range of opportunities available in Australia.


Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry will soon need thousands of skilled and professional workers, including electricians, welders, pipe-fitters, program and project managers, purchasing, quality, contract managers, designers, quality, engineering, logistics and extensive management personnel.


Whether you are starting your career, transitioning from another or need to up-skill, our webinar series will provide you with resources to help you become ‘job-ready’ for the shipbuilding industry.


The 60-minute events will take participants on a shipbuilding journey, to learn about the exciting naval projects, engage with leaders in the defence industry, find out about training and upskilling opportunities, hear from students who have gone directly from study to employment and understand how the College can support you on your path to a diverse, challenging and long-term career.


Join us as we bring you the very latest information from the shipbuilding industry, and learn how as a student, job seeker or small to medium enterprise you can be part of the future of naval shipbuilding in Australia through our webinar series.


Find out more about our webinar series and register to participate HERE.

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