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Naval Shipbuilding Education and Training Provider Network Grows

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Commonwealth’s continuous shipbuilding program demands a national approach to deliver the required workforce ramp up.


The College is undertaking a training needs analysis across both trades and professions, which includes identifying what occupations are a priority for the naval shipbuilding industry.


This is helping to identify the most appropriate programs of study that will produce job-ready graduates and open the door to employment pathways within the shipbuilding enterprise.


The Naval Shipbuilding College is continuing to forge strong relationships with education and training providers throughout the nation to endorse naval shipbuilding focused courses.


Endorsement of a specific program offered is the vital first step, which ensures quality assurance and consistency in delivery across Australia’s training and education providers.


Our endorsement framework stipulates ongoing monitoring and evaluation of associated programs with our training providers and partners to meet the needs of industry.


The network of providers that have achieved or are anticipated to achieve this milestone spans every state and territory.


Our ongoing collaboration with Australia’s top Vocational Education Training providers and tertiary institutions is providing industry with increased confidence that the College will help it to successfully meet future workforce demands in naval shipbuilding.


The College commends each provider for its collaboration to ensure that they are directly involved in the ramp up our sovereign workforce.


To express interest in joining the Training and Education Provider Network we welcome you to contact the College.


To register to work on the most technologically advanced, cutting edge projects in the world join the naval shipbuilding Workforce Register.


Our candidate managers will connect you with an endorsed training or education provider near you, so you can build the skills you need to be ‘job ready.’


A diversity of exciting naval shipbuilding career pathways are available.

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