Naval engineering school students get a glimpse into their future – Naval Shipbuilding College

Naval engineering school students get a glimpse into their future

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

South Australian students from Le Fevre High School gained invaluable insights into potential naval shipbuilding careers following a visit from American shipbuilding experts.


The Master Trainers, from the Huntington Ingalls Industries’ naval shipyards in Virginia and Mississippi, USA, answered students’ questions about the industry, educational pathways and the long-term career prospects as well as sharing first-hand insights of a working day in a naval shipyard.


Over two afternoons more than 40 Le Fevre High School students met with the Master Trainers, who are in Australia to analyse education and training programs which lead into naval shipbuilding careers.


“I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge the naval engineering students possessed about shipbuilding,’’ Integrated Logistical Support master trainer Winston Sullivan said.


“When a Year 11 student asks why zinc anodes are used instead of aluminium in the construction of a naval vessel you know these kids have done their research and are taking their study seriously.’’


Le Fevre High School maritime leader Liam Narcys said students were delighted with the unique opportunity.


“Our naval engineering students are extremely engaged with pursuing careers in the naval shipbuilding industry,’’ he said.


“The visit provided a unique opportunity to forge a greater understanding of the industry. There is only so much you can learn from books. Hearing about real-life experiences and descriptions of a day working in a naval shipyard provided an invaluable insight for our students and they are the richer for it.


“We are passionate about supporting our students to achieve their dreams and we want to help them believe they can do this.


“The more opportunities and exposure students have to maritime career pathways the better the outcome will be for the student.’’

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