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From Adelaide Oval to Australia’s Defence Industry

Friday, August 28, 2020

After discovering NSC at a Defence Expo in Adelaide, Graduate Engineer Jayden Grigg redesigned his Defence career plans to create an engineering career in Australia’s Defence Industry.


Jayden always had a dream to one day join the Royal Australian Navy and with his love of mathematics, problem-solving and making a difference, an engineering career seemed a perfect choice.


But as Jayden worked his way through the Australian Defence Force (ADF) recruitment process, he received some news during a health assessment that he was medically ineligible due to hypermobile joints.


Instead of giving up his dream, this news led Jayden to consider study and career options – and he attended the Defence Networking Conference at Adelaide Oval where he met NSC’s Employment Candidate Consultant, James Dunlop. They discussed the hundreds of engineering job opportunities in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry – and Jayden joined NSC’s National Workforce Register.


Jayden, like all National Workforce Register employment candidates, received weekly updates on the jobs on offer within Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry.


And it was in one these weekly NSC Job Alert emails that a particular job caught Jayden’s eye – an engineering opportunity with Babcock Australasia – a subsidiary of global aerospace and defence company, Babcock International Group.


Jayden applied and successfully secured the position of Graduate Engineer with Babcock.


“I have already had a wide array of engineering experiences in my role with Babcock,” Jayden said.


“From research on assets under the contract to ascertain if the work we want to undertake is even possible. I’ve also evaluated the standard compliance of off-the-shelf devices and evaluated safety risks.”


Jayden has surveyed assets to record parameters to assist with product design and created fabrication drawings for products. He has also the listed accompanying materials needed for fabrication and provided assistance to other Engineering team members when electrical/electronic expertise is required.


“No two days are the same in my role – one day I am writing reports and formatting documentation for the ADF, the next I am testing the compliance of a device or determining how hot a radiator pipe will get,” Jayden said.


“Engineering involves a high level of reading comprehension, detail discrimination, mathematics and focus, all in that order. A critical part of my job involves understanding the standards and then showing mathematically that we meet those standards, as well as managing stakeholders, including the ADF and manufacturing industry. Project management skills are also required to ensure outcomes are validated, verified and delivered on-time.”


Jayden is enjoying his role at Babcock and described the strong sense of camaraderie across the team.


“I am part of the Engineering team, which is different from the Technical team, which is different from the Business Management team – but every step of the way I’ve had support and assistance from my colleagues across the organisation.”


In 5-10 years, Jayden hopes to be in a position where he is entrusted to bid on and oversee projects.


“I feel extremely supported by my team and the challenges I have seen my manager face and the engineering prowess I have seen him demonstrate leaves me excited about building my engineering career with Babcock.”


We asked Jayden what he would say to someone contemplating an engineering career in the Australian Shipbuilding Industry. Jayden’s answer was clear: “I would say do it!”


“Mathematics, problem-solving and making a difference – each of these things are important to me – and it is only though engineering that I am able to realise all three and get paid to do so,” Jayden said.


“Working in the Australian Defence Industry was an extremely high priority for me, especially given both my parents served in the ADF – Dad was in the Army and Mum was an Army Reservist.


“The problems and challenges in the Defence Industry are similar to those you will face in other industries, but the difference is that every system is absolutely mission critical every time,” Jayden said.


“Where else can I impose the beauty of mathematics on a difficult problem and see my solution made reality?”


If you or someone you know are interested in knowing more about the job opportunities in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry – from trades to PhDs – join the NSC’s national Workforce Register, so we can connect your with one of our Candidate Engagement Consultants for your confidential career conversation.

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