Courses helping students become shipshape for shipbuilding – Naval Shipbuilding College

Courses helping students become shipshape for shipbuilding

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Naval Shipbuilding College has endorsed 40 programs of study offered by the National Education and Training Provider Network which will assist students to become ‘job ready’ for careers within the naval shipbuilding industry.


The courses are currently offered by 24 vocational and higher education providers across Australia and cover 32 shipbuilding trades and professions including project management, IT/cybersecurity, fabrication trades and engineering.


They provide an embedded maritime focus, lecturers with relevant professional experience, engagement with the naval shipbuilding industry and access to specialist trainers and lecturers as well as work placements.


Chief Executive of the College Ian Irving said creating a skilled national workforce, through navigable educational and skilling pathways, is pivotal to the success of Australia attaining the capability to deliver and sustain the Royal Australian Navy’s future vessels and current fleet.


“Vocational and higher education course endorsement is an important step in helping potential candidates become ‘job-ready’ for a career within the Enterprise,’’ he said.


“Additionally, it provides clear, achievable and navigable pathways for employment and long-term careers in the industry.


“Through building strong partnerships across the College’s national network of endorsed education and training providers and working across industries to identify demand for trades and professions, we are helping ensure there is sufficient capacity available to meet the specialist workforce skilling requirements of naval shipbuilding.


“Over the next six months we are aiming to double the number of endorsed programs of study on offer.’’


The College is also piloting courses to give people a better understanding of the basics of naval shipbuilding, such as industry and nautical terminology which can greatly assist by increasing naval shipbuilding knowledge for workers transitioning from adjacent industries.


The free Workforce Register, created and operated by the College, is the first port of call for people seeking career, training and skilling pathway advice for employment in the Enterprise.


First time entrants, people transitioning from adjacent industries or those wishing to upskill within the industry can be connected with appropriate education and training providers and potential employers across Australia that will enable them to become ‘job-ready.’


If you or someone you know are interested in knowing more about the job opportunities in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry – from trades to PhDs – join the NSC’s national Workforce Register, so we can connect your with one of our Candidate Engagement Consultants for your confidential career conversation.

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