Contract management experts meet at Naval Shipbuilding College – Naval Shipbuilding College

Contract management experts meet at Naval Shipbuilding College

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) held their State Member’s Meeting and an executive round table at the offices of the Naval Shipbuilding College in Osborne.


The meeting brought members together to network and share good practices across the public and private sector, reflecting the Association’s growing membership in South Australia.


The College’s Bill Docalovich said the meeting had provided an excellent opportunity for the College to continue their relationship building with peak industry bodies involved in the naval shipbuilding program.


“IACCM is a long-time partner of the Australian defence force and has more than 50,000 members across 172 countries,’’ he said.


“Commerce and procurement professionals will play a key role in the Commonwealth’s $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Program.


“It’s another example of the College engaging with potential candidates across a wide range of aspects within the shipbuilding industry.’’


IACCM’s Regional CEO for Asia Pacific, Bruce Everett said the Naval Shipbuilding College was clearly a leader in long-term planning for development of an industry workforce.


“Procurement, contract and commercial management practises will obviously play a crucial role over the coming decades within the naval shipbuilding enterprise,’’ he said.


“Other organisations can learn from the need to plan for the future, and also encourage apprenticeship programs similar to the ones with IACCM is supporting in the USA and UK.’’


The Naval Shipbuilding College was established in April 2018 by the Australian Government to identify and support the development of a highly skilled national workforce that will be required to deliver the $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.


A Workforce Register is operated by the College which enables first time entrants, people transitioning from adjacent industries or up-skilling within the industry to connect with employers or education providers so they are job-ready and able to enter, or progress within the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

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