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How can the NSC help you find a career in naval shipbuilding?

Are you thinking about your future career?

High School Student >
Aligning my future with Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry ticks all the boxes


Student and Boilermaker Apprentice,
BAE Systems Maritime Australia

Are you ready for a career in Naval Shipbuilding?

Early Career >
As a female in a male-dominated industry, I wanted to work in an environment where I would be well supported and have the opportunity to work in a state-of-the art shipyard on world-class programs.


Student and Boilermaker Apprentice,
BAE Systems Maritime Australia

Naval Shipbuilding

Are you seeking a career change?

Mid Career >
I couldn’t recommend the NSC enough – they have helped me become employment-ready and the process has been very smooth. I have already applied for multiple jobs in Australia’s Shipbuilding Industry and I’m excited about my future shipbuilding career.


Australian Army veteran and
Workforce Register Candidate

Are you ready to start the next chapter in your career?

Experienced >
After a 20-year career in the Aviation sector, I knew that I wanted to move across to an industry with structure, professionalism and a long-term goal to strive towards… I registered with NSC in June this year and started my shipbuilding journey – it’s something I wish I had done earlier.


student and Workforce Register


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Online Taster Course

Get a taste for the shipbuilding industry with our free online Shipbuilding Taster Course. The course is designed to provide an overview of the work happening across Australia and the many career opportunities this work will provide.

Gain an understanding of common shipbuilding terminology, production processes and increase your knowledge of some of the most technologically advanced programs in the world, and begin your journey to a rewarding, life-long career in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry!

Start the online course today.
The course is completely free and will take about 30 minutes. 

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Join the national Workforce Register for a confidential conversation about your future career in naval shipbuilding.

nsc appointment

Book an appointment

Upon registration, you will receive an email inviting you to book an appointment.


Speak to a consultant

A consultant will contact you at your selected time to discuss opportunities within naval shipbuilding.


Start your journey

NSC will provide you with guidance and opportunities to start your career within naval shipbuilding.

“I am eager to learn how ships are constructed…to be involved in Artificial Intelligence research, Control System development and Project Management in shipbuilding. The NSC has been so supportive and it’s nice to have people genuinely interested in your future.”

Scholarship Recipient / Engineering student,
Queensland University
of Technology

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