Apprentice pipeline is filling

Friday, September 7, 2018

Around 70 industry, education and training leaders attended a recent Educators & Influencers event including school principals, teachers, and career counsellors.


Naval Shipbuilding College Program Director Bill Docalovich said that the emerging opportunities in the naval shipbuilding industry will be a nation building endeavour.


“Over the coming years, 15,000 jobs will be created within the naval shipbuilding workforce, with particular demand for roles in fabrication, welding, electrical and electronics, mechanical engineering and outfitting trades.”


“The diverse range of job opportunities on offer is exciting and the students who apply themselves, will have their choice of rewarding careers in the naval shipbuilding industry.”


The Naval Shipbuilding College is collaborating with education and training providers nationally to ensure a skilled and sustainable naval shipbuilding workforce matches future capability and demand.

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