An opportunity for a wider world view – Naval Shipbuilding College

An opportunity for a wider world view

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Creating an inclusive workplace is fundamental to maximising diversity and creating successful organisations in today’s complex global environment. 1McKinsey Global Institute Research found that companies applying gender and ethnic diversity are more likely to outperform peers by 25% and 36% respectively.


Naval Shipbuilding College’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Shelley Morgan said organisations who apply diversity and inclusion programs have a clear advantage, especially in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry.


“Applying diversity and inclusion policies in the workplace increases awareness in leadership and unconscious bias. This awareness changes practices and influences behaviour at an individual, team and organisational level, and helps Industry retain its highly competent and skilled workforce, while also attracting multi skilled talent.


“Developing and deploying the diverse knowledge and experience of its people is important both to business and for ultimately delivering to the customer: Department of Defence and Royal Australian Navy,” Shelley said.


“We believe that a diverse and inclusive shipbuilding industry leads to a dedicated, highly skilled, high performing and balanced workforce.”


The Naval Shipbuilding College recently hosted a Diversity & Inclusion briefing with Kaurna language teacher and cultural educator, Jack Buckskin.


Jack described how cultural diversity and inclusion provides the building blocks for developing meaningful relationships which in turn help enrich organisations.


“Diversity and inclusion give us the opportunity to understand how other people see things, providing us with a wider world view,’’ Jack said.


“It doesn’t matter if that is with family, friends or with colleagues in our workplaces.


“We should recognise the value of relationships are more important than statistics and outcomes.’’


1 Hunt, V, Dixon-Fyle, S, Prince, S, Dolan, K (May 2020), Diversity wins: How inclusion matters, UK & US, McKinsey & Company, 28 May 2020,

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