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Australia’s national and economic security and our security in regional and global contexts is undoubtedly linked to the oceans around us.

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This is why the Australian Government has committed $90 billion over the coming decade to modernise and strengthen Australia’s naval forces whilst building a strong, sustainable sovereign Australian shipbuilding industry.   Critical to this great national endeavour is a skilled workforce made up of thousands of Australians with the right skills to build Australia’s new fleet of 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels, 9 Hunter Class anti-submarine frigates, 12 Future submarines, and 21 Pacific Patrol boats.   The Naval Shipbuilding College (the College), established by the Australian Government will identify and close gaps between the educational and training courses currently offered in Australia and the required skills and expertise needed by the growing Australian shipbuilding industry.   Based in Osborne, South Australia the College is a national organisation with reach right across the continent, developing partnerships with industry, universities, TAFEs and training institutions in all states and territories.   A person can be enrolled through the College whilst undertaking a course at a registered training organisation or higher education provider in Perth, Sydney, Hobart or regional centres like Cairns or Wollongong.   I encourage anyone interested in a career in shipbuilding or who are wanting to upskill within the industry to connect through the Workforce Register.   Once registered through the Workforce Register you will receive advice and direction to put you on the right track to be part of this historic national endeavour.


It’s an exciting time in Australia’s defence industry, with tens of thousands of skilled and professional jobs needed to implement the Commonwealth’s first continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program.
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The Naval Shipbuilding College is leading the charge to build this sustainable future workforce. It works with industry, the education system, the current workforce and students. Our mission is to ensure that a suitably skilled and qualified sovereign workforce is available to meet the needs of shipbuilders who will deliver our latest naval assets.   We do this by:

  • Building community awareness of the Commonwealth Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Program, in particular the career and training opportunities available
  • Connecting workforce and students with employers and the education system, using a national workforce register


The Naval Shipbuilding College is partnering with education and training providers to grow Australia’s naval shipbuilding workforce.   We connect students across Australia with providers of endorsed shipbuilding courses. Through collaboration with our partners, we ensure that training and education courses are developed in consultation with Australia’s shipbuilding and sustainment industries to ensure their needs are met.   We also work with partners to connect students with apprenticeship opportunities in the shipbuilding or supply chain industries.


To ensure the Australian workforce meets the needs of shipbuilders and the supply chain, the Naval Shipbuilding College will consult with industry to understand their workforce requirements from design through the construction and sustainment phases. This allows us to:  

  • Develop the criteria for the skills and qualifications relevant to Australia’s shipbuilders and the supporting supply chain, against which potential workforce candidates are assessed.
  • Develop standards for shipbuilding education and training courses provided by our education partners across the country.
  • Connect industry with suitably skilled candidates for employment or apprenticeships.


The Naval Shipbuilding College, an Australian Government initiative, is managed on behalf of the Australian Government by NSI (Australia) Pty Ltd; a joint venture between Kellogg Brown and Root and Huntington Ingalls Industries.   Headquartered in Osborne, South Australia, the Naval Shipbuilding College commenced operations on 3rd April 2018.   Our initial focus will be to establish industry workforce requirements, build capacity and annual throughput at education and training facilities around Australia, increase key entry-level trade qualifications to meet initial construction demand, and boost apprenticeship opportunities.   Over the longer term, we will continue to expand educational and work placement pathways for students, graduates and qualified workers from allied industries, to meet increased workforce demand.


The naval shipbuilding industry has shaped Australia’s naval defences over the past 160 years. The Australian Government’s new $90 billion Naval Shipbuilding Plan represents the most significant nation-building program in Australian history, and is set to transform the future of Australia’s naval defence industry.


Naval shipbuilding and repair in Australia began when the first dockyards were built in Williamstown, Garden Island and Cockatoo Island in the 1850s, and the first Australian-built naval warship HMAS Warrego was delivered to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1912.   While these dockyards produced naval vessels for the RAN in the following decades, Australia continued to rely heavily on naval vessels from offshore providers in the UK and US throughout most of the last century.


Australia’s domestic naval shipbuilding industry reached a turning point in the 1980s, when the Australian Government announced a commitment to revitalise Australia’s shipbuilding capability. The successful production of two Australian Frigates in Williamstown, saw the beginning of a modern, competitive, self-reliant naval shipbuilding industry in Australia for the first time, setting the scene for Australia’s naval shipbuilding evolution.   Subsequent successful naval shipbuilding projects in the 1990s, such as Collins class submarines by ASC, ANZAC Frigates by Tenix and Minehunter coastal vessels by ADI, indisputably proved Australia’s capacity to build complex naval vessels, and ensured the continued viability, capability and competitiveness of Australia’s shipbuilding industry.


On 16 May 2017, the Australian Government announced the most significant nation-building project in Australian history with the release of the country’s first continuous Naval Shipbuilding Plan. $90 billion has been committed to build a strong, sustainable and innovative Australian naval shipbuilding industry to serve Australia’s naval defences, protect our maritime borders and create thousands of new jobs for decades to come.   The significant investment will provide:   The Naval Shipbuilding Plan will be a national endeavour involving all states and territories, and will deliver enduring, long-term benefits for Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry, workforce and national economy for future generations.   Find out more about how you can be part of Australia’s history-making Naval Shipbuilding Program.  

  • Up to 21 Pacific patrol boats
  • 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • 9 Future Frigates
  • 12 Future Submarines
  • Modern shipyard infrastructure including advanced manufacturing, R&D and engineering facilities
  • Innovative industrial capabilities and practices

What the Naval Shipbuilding College does for Industry

Find trade-qualified, job-ready workers or apprentices through our Workforce Register to help build our naval fleet or provide supply chain services.
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Building the future workforce of Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry

The Naval Shipbuilding College has been established by the Australian Government to ensure a suitably skilled and qualified Australian workforce is available at the right time to meet shipbuilder’s needs in delivering Australia’s continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program. We do this by:

  • Attracting potential candidates to career opportunities in the naval shipbuilding industry
  • Creating industry standard education and training programs to equip candidates with the skills, capabilities and qualifications needed in the naval shipbuilding and sustainment industries
  • Maintaining a national Workforce Register to connect employers to workers and apprentices, ready for employment in the Naval Shipbuilding Program
Find skilled and experienced workers through the Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register

You can find trade qualified, job-ready workers or apprentices through the national Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register. To ensure their suitability and readiness to join the naval shipbuilding workforce, all candidates in the Workforce Register have been:  

  • Assessed against comprehensive industry skills and qualifications criteria, developed from consultation with Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment industries
  • Counselled on career or training opportunities by a Career Consultant
  • Pre-screened for employment via background checks

  Contact us for more information on the Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register.

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How the Naval Shipbuilding College is building a workforce

Help build Australia’s future and join the Naval Shipbuilding Program. Talk to one of our Consultants to find out more.
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Be part of Australia’s biggest nation-building project

Whether you are new to the workforce or looking for a change in job or career, you can join the naval shipbuilding industry to help build Australia’s new world-class naval fleet.   Australia will soon need thousands of new workers. Here are some of the jobs that we have identified:  

  • Trades – Welders, Boilermakers, Pipefitters, Electricians
  • Designers – CAD/CAM
  • Project Managers, Planners, Schedulers
  • Mechanical Engineers – Hull, Propulsion, Piping Systems, HVAC
  • Electrical Engineers – Communications, Combat Systems, Power
  • Systems Engineers
  • Process/Manufacturing Engineers
  • Quality Assurance / Inspection, Test
  • Supervision – Trades, Professional
  • Procurement / Logistics
Why join the Naval Shipbuilding Program?

Join an innovative industry embarking on a nation-building program of a scale never seen before in this country:  

  • Be part of the biggest nation-building project in Australian history – a ground-breaking $90 billion initiative to build the future of Australia’s naval defences, protecting Australia and its borders.
  • Work with innovative, cutting edge technology to build the world’s the most advanced naval vessels.
  • Gain experience in a diverse range of skills and trades.
  • Work under a long-term, nationwide program that will provide secure employment opportunities for decades to come.

  To register your interest and talk to a Consultant about the naval shipbuilding industry, join our Workforce Register.

Join the Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register

Joining the Workforce Register will give you access to:

  • A dedicated consultant who will help identify career and upskilling options for you.
  • A skills assessment and pre-screening in preparation for future job opportunities.
  • Future job opportunities in the naval shipbuilding industry.

  What you need to do to join the Workforce Register:

  1. Submit an enquiry to join the Workforce Register (click on the link below).
  2. Book an appointment: You will receive an email inviting you to book an appointment to discuss your options in naval shipbuilding.
  3. Talk to a Consultant: A Consultant will contact you to discuss your options for working in the Naval Shipbuilding Industry.
  4. Assessment: Career options? Current opportunities? What are your training or education needs? Make a plan.
  5. Job ready: You will be connected with employers in the shipbuilding industry.

Education and training for the Naval Shipbuilding Program

Find out more about education and training pathways to join the Naval Shipbuilding Program.

Learn about what training is available to be part of the naval shipbuilding industry.

If you’re looking to work for the Naval Shipbuilding Program, the Naval Shipbuilding College can get you where you want to go. Talk to a Career Consultant to find the right education or training pathway for you.
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Gain new skills to start your new career

Learn lifelong skills and knowledge, and gain nationally recognised qualifications, to join the future workforce building Australia’s new world-class naval fleet. A diverse range of skills will be critical to the Naval Shipbuilding Program, ranging from engineers, CAD/CAM, electricians, carpenters, welders, boilermakers, steelworkers and combat systems, to project management, procurement, finance and other business personnel.

Education and training pathways through the Naval Shipbuilding College

Wherever you are living in Australia, you will soon be able to enrol in quality Naval Shipbuilding education and training programs, through our range of education and training partners across the country. Gain the skills you need through the following education and training pathways:  

  • Higher education
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships

  For more information on education and training pathways to join the naval shipbuilding workforce, join the Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register and talk to a Career Consultant.

Join the Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register

Joining the Workforce Register means that you will:  

  • Receive tailored advice from a Career Consultant to help find the right education or training pathway for you
  • Be pre-screened for future employment opportunities.
  • Be matched with future job or apprenticeship opportunities in the naval shipbuilding or sustainment industries.

  What you need to do to join the Workforce Register:  

  1. Submit your inquiry: Submit an inquiry to join the Workforce Register.
  2. Book an appointment: You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to book an appointment with a Career Consultant, and what you’ll need to prepare for the appointment.
  3. Talk to a Career Consultant: A Career Consultant will contact you to discuss your training needs and career opportunities, and arrange a skills assessment and background checks.
  4. Registration completed: Once approved, your registration with the Workforce Register is completed. You’ll receive updates and be connected with future job or apprenticeship opportunities in the naval shipbuilding industry.

Want to provide shipbuilding industry endorsed training?

Partner with the Naval Shipbuilding College to provide education and training to build Australia’s future workforce. Contact us today to find out more.
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Education and training to support Australia’s biggest nation-building project

Demand for skilled workers under the Australian Government’s $90 billion continuous naval shipbuilding program is expected to ramp up from now and over the coming decades to over 25,000 personnel. The naval shipbuilding industry will need skills ranging from electricians, carpenters, welders, boilermakers and steelworkers, to advanced manufacturing, complex systems integration and professional and management personnel.

Partnering with education and training providers

The Naval Shipbuilding College is seeking to establish strong partnerships with higher education providers and Registered Training Organisations in every state and territory, to provide education, training and apprenticeship pathways for students wherever they’re based in Australia. Through collaboration with our partners, endorsed courses will be aligned with national naval shipbuilding standards, developed in consultation with Australia’s shipbuilding industry. Contact us today to find out how to become a Naval Shipbuilding College endorsed education or training provider.


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